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Asia is home to some of the most popular destinations for wellness holidays and for good reason. The region boasts a rich history of holistic healing practices and natural remedies, making it an ideal destination for those seeking rejuvenation and relaxation. From yoga retreats to spa resorts, you will find some of the best wellness holidays in Asia.

Asia offers a diverse range of wellness holidays to suit all interests and budgets. Whether you’re looking to unwind on a beach in Bali or immerse yourself in traditional healing practices in Thailand, there’s a wellness holiday in Asia that’s perfect for you.

Enjoy a luxury wellness holiday with WellStayed in Bali or Japan for authentic spiritual retreats in Asia inspired by local age-old traditions. Thailand’s many destinations and medical spas infuse modern and ancient treatments in comprehensive wellness programs. Whether you are looking to practise yoga, de-stress, lose weight or get fit, WellStayed’s dedicated wellness experts can recommend the ideal Asia wellness holiday for you.

You are spoilt for choice when looking for a wellness retreat in Southeast Asia, which is home to some of the best-known in the world, including world-class destination spas. Thailand’s speciality health and wellbeing retreats offer comprehensive wellness programmes focusing on everything from emotional healing and fixing issues, to getting fit and toned. The country is renowned for its traditional Thai massage, known for its therapeutic benefits and its ability to relieve stress and tension. Thai beaches are an idyllic backdrop for yoga and mindfulness retreats, the beautiful natural surroundings helping guests find their zen.  

Some of the best wellness retreats Asia has to offer can be found in Bali, Indonesia. With its picturesque landscapes and serene beaches, Bali is the perfect place to unwind and recharge. Visitors can indulge in a range of activities, such as yoga, meditation, and traditional Balinese healing therapies such as the Balinese massage. WellStayed retreats in Bali integrate traditional healing techniques into their pampering treatments. 

The island is also a vibrant, creative hub for healthy and plant-based cuisine with an abundance of healthy food options and retreats serving up organic and locally sourced ingredients. A stay at a Balinese well-being retreat guarantees to both open the eyes and tantalise the palate.

Elsewhere in Asia, experience a combination holistic medical spa in The Philippines with WellStayed, or enjoy daily pampering at Asia’s first all-spa-inclusive resort in Vietnam.

In North Asia, Japan has a rich history of wellness practices, with its onsens (hot springs) and traditional Japanese spa treatments like shiatsu massage and acupuncture. Visitors to Japan can also participate in tea ceremonies and meditation classes, as well as explore the country’s stunning natural landscapes.

If you are not sure which of our Asia wellness holidays is right for you, reach out to one of our WellStayed specialists. With over a decade of experience, our advisors can help you find and book your perfect healthy holiday or healing retreat.

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