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A de-stress retreat can be the answer to preventing or overcoming burnout; to facing and fixing issues; and to allow you to live your life to the fullest. Are you often mentally busy and have an intense and unregulated pace of life? Do you frequently suffer from negative thoughts and drink a lot of coffee? Then a WellStayed de-stress retreat could be the answer!

It is vital to reduce stress in your everyday life as poorly managed stress can have severe consequences on health, manifesting itself both physically, mentally, and emotionally. An anti-stress retreat can help improve moods, boost immune functions, allow greater productivity, and even promote longevity.

It is no secret that many of us find living in the modern world challenging, with the rise of mental health issues around the world testament to this fact. A de-stress retreat holiday with WellStayed is the opportunity to get away from it all and to refocus on yourself. With a clearer head, you can return home rejuvenated and with a healthier, more balanced outlook on life.

Anti-stress retreats can include the use of using ancient holistic wellness practises; modern, science back medical spa treatments; or a combination of both. The premise is the same whichever method chosen however, and that is to explore emotional habits and teach ways to respond to the challenges in our lives more practically and effectively.

De-stress retreats at WellStayed utilise many different wellness practises such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, pranayama, and Ayurveda, combined with holistic therapies and medical consultations. At our handpicked WellStayed retreats, there are several bespoke emotional support therapies on offer, designed to help those that seek an escape from busy schedules to recharge their mind, body and spirit. 

Popular De-Stress Retreats

EPIC SANA on Portugal’s Algarve coast offers an intensive de-stress program as well as a less intensive and shorter mindfulness program. Just down the road at the Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa, guests can find a perfect rebalance of body and mind with medical consultation, relaxing spa treatments, and access to the Thalassotherapy centre.

In Southern Spain, Shanti Som’s Reboost Body & Soul retreat is designed to discharge the emotional baggage you may be carrying, free the body form mental and emotional toxins, and to open your mind.

Italy’s superlative Lucian Magnani Health Resort offers de-stress retreats that utilise the resort’s healing thermal waters, as well as high-tech medical spa research. Another fantastic de-stress offering from an Italian spa, is the Mind & Body program at Lefay Dolomiti. Its sister property Lefay Lago di Garda, takes a slightly altered approach to anti-stress, using inspiration from both Eastern and Western wellness practises and focusing on energy flows.

In the remote desert of Saudi Arabia’s AlUla region, Habitas Alula has its guests release their stresses using yoga, mindfulness, and global and Middle Eastern techniques combined with local ancestral practices. The top-notch anti-stress program at Zulal Wellness Retreat in Qatar, uses a diverse range of healing traditions and holistic activities. Also in the Middle East, The Retreat Palm Dubai in the UAE helps its guests attain peace and find inner calm with is Relax program.

In Asia, WellStayed recommends one of the most renowned retreats in the world for emotional healing is Kamalaya, on Thailand’s Koh Samui island – many of the practitioners here were once Buddhist monks. Also in Koh Samui, Absolute Sanctuary offers an anti-stress retreat that caters to those who are fatigued, overworked, and who are seeking to renew themselves. The unique Navatu Dreams in Siem Reap, Cambodia, guests can opt for a mind detox retreat, a truly transformational holistic mind and body experience. In Bali, the luxury REVIVO Wellness Retreat understand that poorly managed stress can have severe consequences on health, and as such they devise individual de-stress programs for each individual guest.

In Central America, The Retreat Costa Rica offer its guests the opportunity to completely let go of emotional traumas and stresses of life and to find happiness on its Emotional Healing & Recovery program.

On the Indian Subcontinent, the luxury ashram Shreyas offers the unusual and alternative Silent Retreat to allow guests the opportunity to realign and re-prioritize their life goals. In Sri Lanka, the award-winning Santani helps its guests get unstuck and to reboot in its Address Your Stress program. By teaching guests to be present in the moment, and to cultivate awareness of feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, Joali Being in The Maldives helps guests overcome their daily stresses.

Free your mind on a Live. Life. Well retreat in the Australian outback at Gwinganna Lifestyle retreat, or undertake holistic healing surrounded by stunning mountain scenery in New Zealand’s Aro Ha.

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