Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat offers the ultimate Australia Outback wellness holiday experience. Guests can get away from civilisation on a digital detox and just admire the vast 200 hectares of nature that surround them. 

Location Near The Gold Coast, Australia | Best To Go December to March | Luxury Scale 4 Star

Prices from: £525 per person / US$630 per person for a 3-night stay including wellness program

Why We Like This Hotel 

“Despite being only 30 minutes’ drive from Australia’s famed Gold Coast, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat feels like a million miles away, ideal to escape from it all. The retreat is located high on a plateau and is surrounded by stunning Australian outback, with sweeping valley views down to the ocean’

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Wellness Retreat Details 

A day at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is a chance for introspection and escapism. Guests are encouraged to rise early to witness the spectacular Australian sunrises whilst practising Qi Gong meditation. There are over 16 different trails within Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat’s 200-hectare grounds, which are best done before breakfast in the cooler early mornings.

During the day at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, there is a diverse range of Yin and Yang activities on offer. Yin activities are more inwardly focused activities such as yoga, creative dance, and Pilates. Yang activities are ones to get the heart racing and include boxing, fitball and Bosu Ball classes, as well as indoor cycling and aqua fitness.

There are also wellness seminars provided during retreats presented by dedicated, highly skilled, wellness professionals from both Australia and around the globe.

Retreats at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Australia’s premiere wellness retreat range from 2 to 7 nights in duration. The Gwinganna Detox is designed to reduce the body’s inflammation by balancing sugar levels, body fat levels and improve digestion by feeding the gut microbiome. The Triple S, Sleep, Sugar, Stress, retreat program teaches guests how lack of or improper sleep, too much sugar, and stress are all interlinked and how to break the cycle. Optimum Wellbeing program at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is specifically for those who are suffering from high levels of stress and anxiety, with the program looking to restore guests’ adrenal and cellular balances. Live. Life. Well. Retreat is for those with diagnosed chronic diseases such as diabetes or that are recovering from illness, with daily health seminars. Heart. Mind. Wellness. Retreat looks at the link between mental health and heart health. Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat also offers shorted dedicated Yoga and Organic Living Retreats,

If you would like to know more about Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, reach out to one of our dedicated WellStayed wellness experts. They will be delighted to help you choose the best Australia wellness experience for you, taking into account your goals and aims for the holiday. WellStayed are available via email or phone, or you can send an online enquiry if out of hours.


– Gwinganna Detox
– Optimum Wellbeing
– Gwinganna Wellness Weekend
– Sleep, Sugar, Stress
– Live. Life. Well.
– Women’s Discovery
– Time Out Weekend
– Organic Living
– Winter Wellness
– The Yoga Retreat
– Condition Your Calm
– Gwinganna Winter Detox
– Gwinganna Spring Detox
– Gwinganna New Year Detox
– Heart. Mind. Wellness

Retreat Facilities 

Two Heated Swimming Pools, Extensive Spa, Wellness Education Complex, Sauna, Activity Studio, Mind Body Pavilion, Gym, Wellness Studio, Iyengar Yoga Studio, Amphitheatre, Tennis Courts, Labyrinth, Boutique

Wellness Activities

Yoga, Tennis, Qi Gong, Meditation, Pilates

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