Park Iglis

Located in a small village just outside Innsbruck, Austria and surrounded by the stunning Tyrolean Alps, Park Igls is a specialist medical spa offering the famed Mayr Cure. Devised by FX Mayr – an Austrian physician – at the turn of the 20th century, this detox method’s belief is that disease and ill health start in the gut. Park Igls differs from other Mayr retreats, however, by offering its guests the opportunity to undertake more diverse programs alongside the traditional Mayr detox methods.

Location Near Innsbruck, Austria | Best to go May, June, September, and October | Luxury Scale 4 Star

Prices from: £1,750 per person / £2,100 per person for a 4-night stay with wellness program

Why we like this Hotel

Unlike many medical spas offering the Mayr Cure, Park Igls offers a variety of additional options for guests to undertake alongside the traditional Mayr detox. These include some more traditional spa offerings – such as yoga, fitness, and de-stress – as well as more unusual and innovative programs. Their ‘Fit After COVID’ program has been specifically designed to help those suffering the after-effects of COVID-19, such as ‘long COVID’; and their ‘Resilience After Crisis’ program, caters to those who found lockdowns challenging to their mental wellbeing.

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Wellness Retreat Details 

Wellness programs at Park Igls all include the Mayr method’s diet, however there are several ‘levels’ of intensity on offer to allow guests the ability to choose additional aims. Ever an innovator, a first in Austria, the retreat offers a Mayr and yoga combination program, for guests looking to start or deepen an existing practise. Other programs at this Austrian medical spa include a physiotherapy program for guests looking to improve mobility or treat chronic or acute injuries; a menopause program specifically for women coping with changes in hormone levels; and a neuro program aimed to help prevent neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

There is a wide range of medical and diagnostic tests available at Park Igls too meaning guests can opt to have a full “body MOT” during their stay in Austria. It is an opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into your current overall health, and a chance to intervene and event prevent ill health.

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Wellness Programs:

– Mayr Detox

– Mayr Focus

– Strenghten Immune System

– Enhance Resilience

– Fit after COVID

– Resilience after Crisis

– Mayr Neuro

– Immune System Booster

– Yoga @ Mayr

– Completely Feminine with Mayr through the Menopause

Retreat Facilities 

Lecture Theatre, Indoor Pool, Fitness Studio and Gym, Fireplace Lounge, Library, Billiard Room, Tea Bar, Medical Spa, Spa

Wellness Activities

Yoga, Crossfit, Strength Training, kybun, Mind and Movement Workouts, Sling Training, Golf, Feldenkrais, Hiking, Walking, Snowshoe Tours, Power Walking, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Tennis

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