Types of Wellness Retreat

There is a vast array of different wellness holidays available in all different parts of the world. Sometimes you know what sort of retreat you are looking for but aren’t quite sure where you would like to go. If that is you, you are on the right page, from here you can navigate through the different retreat types until you find one that grabs your interest.

When it comes to retreats, one of the most popular and most searched-for are detox retreats. There is also a huge number of different detox options out there, from ancient Ayurvedic detoxes to modern medical detox methods and juice cleansing.

Yoga is undoubtedly the most universally recognised wellness holiday types, with wellness hotels and resorts around the globe offering yoga programs. There are options for those that are only beginning their yoga journeys, right the way through to intensive retreats for those that are looking to deepen and perfect their practises.

It is increasingly difficult to avoid the stresses and anxieties brought about by the modern ways in which we live. Sometimes, the relief we seek can be found in pampering and relaxing spa treatments, and massages that ease the stress away. In other cases, however, a more intensive de-stress program is necessary to get to the root cause of the issue. If you are seeking emotional healing or to overcome burnout and its symptoms, WellStayed can offer several fantastic healing properties and programs that will have you back to you in no time.

Weight-loss retreats offer the opportunity to get in control of your body and to shift stubborn weight with the help of professional supervision and motivation. The weight-loss programs offered by WellStayed’s properties are never about deprivation or starvation and provide the chance to learn sustainable ways to keep the pounds off for good.

When it comes to fitness retreats, it is never a case of one-size-fits-all. A fitness retreat can be the opportunity to jumpstart a long-overdue fitness journey or a way to deepen and improve an already consistent fitness routine. For some, the main focus is to tone up and build muscle, for others it is about cardio health and getting or remaining fit to promote longevity.

Whatever retreat option you are looking for, our expert wellness specialists are on hand to chat. Send an email, give us a call, or tap on the chat button now and a dedicated member of the WellStayed team will be in touch to help you find the wellness retreat that is perfect for you.

Types of Retreat

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– Looking for a yoga retreat on the beach in Bali? In the jungles of Costa Rica? Or in a spiritual ashram in India? WellStayed has the wellness property for you!

– Looking for a juice cleanse in the French countryside? How about a detox at a medical spa on the Spanish coast? Or an intensive detox program with healing, authentic spa treatments in Thailand? WellStayed has the right wellness property for you too!

– Looking to get fit; up your fitness game; or focus on getting leaner and more toned? WellStayed has fitness retreats from the beaches of Portugal to the mountains of the Southern Alps in New Zealand!

– Looking to lose weight sustainably and return home transformed? WellStayed has slick, modern wellness hotels overlooking rice paddies in Sri Lanka; boutique retreats in the midst of the remote Outback in Australia; or high-tech medical spas overlooking the glittering Arabian Gulf in Qatar.

– Looking for emotional healing and ways to overcome the stressors of living in the modern world? WellStayed has sought out healing de-stress and mindfulness retreats from Thailand’s Koh Samui Island; to the shores of the stunning Lake Garda in Italy. 

– Looking for something else? Maybe a retreat that will help you sleep better, or allow you to finally give up smoking? Or maybe you just want to get away from it all, allow your mind to rest, and to switch off on a digital detox! Reach out to one of the experts at WellStayed who can guide you to the retreat and wellness program that will meet your needs.

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