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At WellStayed, we are not just passionate about wellness, but also about exploring fantastic places, beautiful locations, and uncovering the very best wellness destinations in the world.

 Unlike any other travel wellness company, we are always on the look out for the best wellness retreats that offer the most unique, authentic, and transformational experiences. We seek out and shine a light on those incredible places around the world where health and wellbeing is ingrained into local culture, with treatments and wellness practises that can only be found in that one part of the world. We also source the very best medical spas, who are dedicated to researching and finding ever more effective treatments and health programs that help guests on their journeys to better health and to living longer and better.

With our carefully curated selection of wellness destinations below, WellStayed makes it easier for travellers to plan and book rejuvenating and transformative wellness holidays


Wellness Destinations


The Far East provides several incredible locations for a life-changing wellness holiday. Dotted around Thailand, from the islands of Koh Samui and Phuket to the mainland beach resort of Hua Hin, there are seemingly countless incredible retreats – including some of the oldest and most trusted destination spas in the world. 

In The Philippines, travel to a remote and captivating jungle retreat; and in Vietnam stay at the world’s first all-spa inclusive wellness hotel. 

The island of Bali is practically synonymous with wellness, with some of the best yoga and wellness retreats out there. Head to the cultural heart of Ubud for unique wellness ceremonies performed by a local shaman, or head to nearer the coast and stay in a boutique luxury all-villa wellness resort. 

Japan is the land of incredible and unique culture unlike anywhere else in the world, discover their unique wellness practises here too in at an ultra-zen retreat complete with tatami mats.


Down under in Australasia, detox and practise mindfulness in the middle of the Australian outback, or at the other end of the scale, find yourself on top of the world with breathtaking views over the Southern Alps on an unforgettable luxury wellness retreat in New Zealand.

Central America

Travel through the verdant, lush jungles and palm-tree-fringed tropical beaches of Central America on an unforgettable wellness retreat. In Costa Rica, experience life-changing retreats that transform your body and mind, and in Panama try out surfing as you practise beach yoga in a barefoot luxury retreat. Or, head to Mexico and stay in an uber-luxury resort which offers a fascinating insight and opportunity to try intriguing and beguiling ancient Aztec practices.


Europe offers an array of stunning retreats to suit all tastes, wellness aims, and budgets. Stay in a charming chateau wellness retreat in France; visiting a boutique Asian-inspired wellness hideaway in Southern Spain, or a high-tech medical spa on the Costa Brava coast. 

In Italy we have retreats in the beautiful Dolomites mountains, overlooking Lake Garda, and in traditional thermal spa towns. 

On the Algarve coast of Portugal, beachfront retreats help guests address all their fitness, weight-loss, and anti-ageing needs. Whilst in the Austrian Alps, you can undertake an intensive and century-old detox method – the Mayr Cure – surrounded by fresh alpine air.

Indian Subcontinent

India is perhaps the most well-known wellness travel destination on the planet, as the home of two widely celebrated wellness practises: Ayurveda and Yoga. In India you can find all-encompassing experiences at a luxury Ashram; beachfront yoga retreats; and modern spa hotels offering a mix of east meets west philosophies. 

The island of Sri Lanka also has an abundance of wellness retreats to offer, from slick and modern, to rustic beachfront yoga. 

In the Maldives stay in utmost luxury in an overwater bungalow as you undertake your wellness program.

Middle East

The Middle East is an up-and-coming wellness travel destination, with an innovative selection of retreats that combine ancient Arabian wellness practises with the latest spa technology. 

Head to Qatar for a wellness holiday overlooking the glittering Arabian Gulf, or for a retreat in the UAE with Dubai only a stones-throw away. Alternatively, escape to a captivating desert in Saudi Arabia’s Alula region.


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